EasyGOST EAC Service – your reliable and competent partner for EAC Certifications

Our experts have been working in the field of certification for Russia & CIS for over 10 years. Our satisfied customers are located on all continents, but the vast majority of them are based in Europe.

Our goal is to make life easier for the customer. Only so we can succeed.

We can be really proud of the fact that we have solved all the problems in connection with certification our customers have experienced until now.

Although the EAC certification includes many technical regulations, we focus on the following TRs:

In addition to the EAC Certification we also offer GOST Certification

  • GOST R certificate for Russia
  • GOST certificate for Belarus, Kazakhstan

Also in the field of Metrological Certification we have already solved the most difficult tasks for our customers. Our offer includes here

  • Metrological certification for Russia
  • Metrological certification for Belarus
  • Metrological certification Kazakhstan

When processing customer orders, we prepare necessary technical documentation by ourselves, such as

We can also access a network of professional translators and offer our clients a cost-effective translation service:

  • European languages in Russian
  • Russian in European languages

Certification is only one part of our services, because often the initial and repeat audits have to be carried out. We are very flexible in the choice of dates and usually offer our customers cost-effective alternatives because we can perform inspections of several factories during one and the same business trip and so we can save travel costs our clients have to bear.
The certification according to the standards of foreign countries is a complicated task for non-specialists. Entrust this to specialists – contact EasyGOST EAC Service – and we’ll make it easier for you to enter new markets!