EAC – Uniform mark of conformity on the market of the Eurasian Economic Union

ЕАС means Eurasian Conformity.

The conformity sign certifies that the marked products

  • have passed all conformity certification procedures established in technical regulations of the Customs Union,
  • meet the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union applicable to the products.

EAC conformity mark

The conformity sign has the following appearance:

  • exact square proportions against a light or contrast background
  • combination of three stylized letters: „Е“, „А“ and „С“
  • the „Е“, „А“ and „С“ letters are graphically represented with right angles
  • the „Е“, „А“ and „С“ letters are of the same height and width
  • the basic size shall be 5 mm minimum
  • the basic size shall provide for elements clarity and readability against an object background

The conformity sign can be applied using any method making it clearly visible throughout product service life.

The EAC sign on a grid:

Conformity sign application rules

A manufacturer (vendor) is entitled to mark its products with the ЕАС sign, if the products have passed all compliance evaluation procedures established by the respective technical regulations of the Customs Union in any member states, which fact is documented by EAC certificates or EAC declarations.

The EAC conformity sign shall be applied to each product item, package or accompanying documents.

The EAC conformity sign image shall be monochrome and in contrast with the color of the surface it is applied to.

The marking of the product, the packaging and the technical documentation with the EAC mark of conformity is specified in the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union.